« Let’s Do It » for a Cleaner World

On World Cleanup Day, we voluntarily participated in the "Let's Do It" event with the contributions of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The Let’s Do It event, which was started by a group of young people in Estonia in 2008, reached more than 20 million people with the participation of 180 countries in 2019, and 13038 GB of Digital Waste Cleaning was carried out in 2020 with the awareness of digital waste. In our country, with the participation of over 116 thousand volunteers from 81 provinces, we separated 790 tons of solid waste from nature in one day, and within the scope of Digital Cleaning, we became the 4th country among 88 countries that cleaned at the highest rate.

We, as Egis Tünel İşletmeciliği, said “let’s do it!” to the event on September 18 this year, as field volunteers in Kadıköy Moda Beach, with an understanding that always prioritizes human values, with the awareness that environmental awareness is not enough on its own and that we must take responsibility. We also held our breakfast event, which we organized to reinforce our internal communication and increase our motivation before the event.